Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Road trip

This weekend we drove to Kansas City, Mo. for my cousin's wedding. It was Drew's first road trip and his first time in a hotel. He did pretty good, well he did great actually. Other then a really bad diaper at a gas station on the way home, the trip was great!! We went swimming in the hotel pool and he liked it until people started splashing. He talked during the wedding, which was a little embarrassing for me, but no one else seemed to mind and he partied hard at the reception. Overall it was a great trip and he didn't seem to mind being stuck in his car seat for hours at a time.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Losing control

Anyone who has met me knows I have a small problem with control. OK, that's wrong I have a big problem with control. One might say I'm a control freak. I enjoy being in control in ever part of my personal life. I control everything in my household from finances to shopping. And now the we have a son, things are no different. I am the main caregiver for Drew, which is fine for me. I feed him, get him dressed, take him to the sitters, pick him up, give him a bath and put him to bed. Now don't get me wrong, Mike does do things. He plays with Drew, changes the occasional diaper, even gives him a bottle or two, but I do most of the parenting. And I'm OK with that. However things are going to slightly change soon and I'm not sure I'm completely ready to give up even a little of my control. Tonight we are saying goodbye to Mike's truck and hello to a four-door grandma car for him! What does this mean? Well it means that for the last seven months the only car Drew has been able to ride in has been mine. I take him to and from the sitters, and anywhere else he goes. But now Mike will have a car and a car seat base that he can transport Drew in. This is a good thing, right? It should be, it will take a lot of the stress off me. If I need to work late or if Mike gets off early, he can pick Drew up and I won't have to worry about it. Right? Or will I? Losing control isn't the best feeling and I should be happy and excited, but at the same time I'm sad....and a little worried!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Almost Friday...thank goodness

This past week has been hectic. Work is busy and life has been busy, I’m ready for two days of relaxing and hanging out with Drew.

Last Saturday we barbecued and Mike decided to take the Jeep up to the gas station. Now the Jeep is my main car and he does not drive it much. And since he has a truck, my car is the only one with a car seat, so it’s used as the only vehicle to drive Drew around. Drew’s car seat base is in the backseat and the window next to him has a Winnie the Pooh baby window shade on it (a gift from grandma Joyce- thanks!). I leave the shade down because there’s really no need to put it up and down since Drew is the only one who uses that side of the backseat. Anyway, Mike decided to take the Jeep up to the gas station, it’s only a short distance from our house, however he decided that he wanted to be 17 again, roll down all the windows and blast the radio….fine….but what about the baby shade??? Well with power windows and a driver who was not paying attention, the baby shade got pulled into the window, causing the motor to burn up and the window to be stuck down in the door panel! So almost $300 later, my window is fixed, Drew can ride in the Jeep without the wind in his face and Mike is grounded from driving the Jeep!!!

So with that said, if you have power windows and a baby shade….take warning and remember the shade is there when you try to reenact your teenage years!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Taking baby steps

Drew has been trying really hard to crawl lately. He can push himself forward on his head and arms, but he's now trying to get up on his hands and crawl the right way. He's been successful once but I didn't get it on video. However, here are a few videos of him really trying. It's kind of cute. And sorry about the loud coughing in the background, Mike is sick!

Friday, August 1, 2008

What a trooper!

Drew has a lot of hair just on the top of his head. Not much on the sides or in the back and we like to joke that he has "an old man combover". We decided to spike his hair to see what it would look like and, of course it was really funny. Here's a photo of "

Drew has been doing breathing treatments since Tuesday and although he really doesn't like them, he has been a little trooper about it. He likes to hold the mask himself, so here's a photo of him being very independent!

We go back to the doctor on Monday so hopefully the treatments can stop.

Drew's also in that stage were he talks all the time. Nonstop sometimes, so here's a short video of him telling "a story."