Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gecko Hunter

Outside of the cute little talking guy on the Geico commercials, I really didn’t know much about Geckos…until we went to Florida and Drew became fascinated with them.

Geckos are small lizards found in warm climates such as Mike’s folks house. The can get into the screened in porch and they love to eat bugs. However, if they are grabbed or threatened by say, as small child, they can drop their tails as a defense mechanism. When it first drops the tail it will wriggle around on the floor, this is hoped to distract the enemy while the gecko makes their escape or to freak out the small child’s mother as she is already a basket case about the fact that her child can grab and catch these tiny lizards and then wants to keep them.

Drew sent many hours looking for, finding, catching, holding and releasing these tiny little guys…and to be honest, he became very good at it. So much so, that we named him the Gecko Hunter.

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